Anyone who wants to make a purchase or has to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck, there are numerous ways to take advantage of a loan . The offers for cheap loans change almost daily and serve almost every loan request. But especially with the large number of loan offers, it pays to look more closely, Continue Reading

Number of Consumer Loans Will Increase In 2019, According To Banking Association

The prognosis consumer credit index 2019 of the Bankenfachverband eV shows interesting details around the loans for consumption purposes . The figures published in March 2019 show that consumer borrowing is expected to increase this year. The purchase of furniture, kitchens, household electronics and other purchases are particularly high on the list. Consumers can read Continue Reading

Business loan for starters

To change something. To be your own boss. To create something. To make a passion work. Freedom. There are thousands of reasons to start for your own.   Most entrepreneurs probably know the feeling of “not thinking about anything else” once the company page is live. But the entrepreneur’s dreams can quickly disintegrate as soon Continue Reading