Business loan for starters

To change something. To be your own boss. To create something. To make a passion work. Freedom. There are thousands of reasons to start for your own.

 Opportunities for starters  

Most entrepreneurs probably know the feeling of “not thinking about anything else” once the company page is live. But the entrepreneur’s dreams can quickly disintegrate as soon as they become aware of the unwillingness of banks to provide business loans to starters.

Especially after the financial crisis of 2008, the risk tolerance of banks has dropped drastically, even if the business idea is very clear and the plan looks sensible. The risk of business loans for start-ups will always be greater than with business loans for established companies, which can often provide a long history of high income.

That is a complete disgrace. Not only can the dreams and motivation of entrepreneurs break, it also hinders growth in the Netherlands, therefore no serious entrepreneur should stop at a no from the bank, especially because alternative players are ready to help these new companies!

Opportunities for starters  


First of all, you can contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. In addition to the fact that this government agency provides a great deal of information on its home page, also offers a number of financing options for start-ups, such as early-stage financing for starters. 

Crowdfunding and peer- to- peer loans

Peer-to-peer loans is the phenomenon whereby private individuals and investors provide loans to other people. This can be done in a very specialized way (think of the so-called business angels) or publicly through crowdfunding. Knab crowdfunding is an example of such a platform. This is a good alternative to a loan from traditional banks if you are in no hurry and at the same time have a well-formulated business plan ready that can persuade enough people to help you further.

New forms of business loans

A natural consequence of the fact that it has become more difficult for starters to get a business loan is that there is an increase in the number of new players on the market. These focus on helping small businesses and start-ups with financing through a business loan. These are the lenders who dare to take the risk that the traditional banks no longer want to accept.

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